1st October – 15th December

Rise as Champion Trader and win from $8,000 prize pool.


Journey to Premium Status in the Trading World

Participate to be the Champion Trader and win from the $8,000 cash prize pool.

Gain recognition as your name shines on the premium trader leaderboard in Vantage Plus,
signifying your achievements in the elite trading community.


Cash Prize Pool


in Premium Trader Community

Competition ends in





Trade. Triumph. Champion Trader

Trade your way to reach top account equity growth to claim
Champion Trader title and enticing cash prize at Vantage Plus Traders Awards 2023.

2nd Prize

$1,500 Cash


$5,000 Cash

3rd Prize

$1,000 Cash

4th Prize

$400 Cash

5th Prize

$100 Cash

Unlock extra rewards with the Bonus Prize

Earn 3,000 V-Points every two weeks as the trader
with the highest notional volume traded.

Climb the Leaderboard
on Your Path to
Champion Trader

  • Rank
  • Name /Country
  • #1
  • Nimesh Shah Italy
  • #2
  • Arnaud Emile Vandamme Italy
  • #3
  • Hugo Michel Gabriel Bourgeois Italy
  • #4
  • Fabrice Claude bachmann Italy
  • #5
  • Dholi Kaine Tuili Italy

How to become the Champion of the
Vantage Plus
Traders Awards 2023

  • 1


    Open a live account
    in under 3 minutes

  • 2


    Fill in the form
    below to opt-in

  • 3


    Make a minimum deposit
    of $2,000 during this
    promotion period

  • 4


    Stand the chance to become
    the champion of the $5,000 prize
    + the bonus prize every two weeks

and Get Started Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are Champion and cash prize winners determined?

The winners are determined based on the percentage increase in account equity at the end of the competition. The top 5 participants with the highest percentage rates will be awarded.

The winners will be reviewed, selected and announced at the end of the Promotion, and the prize(s) will be credited to the respective accounts within 10 business days.

How are Bonus Prize winners determined?

Every two weeks, we will select a winner with the highest notional volume traded, and he or she will receive a bonus prize of 3,000 V-Points. The periods for determining Bonus Prize winners are as follows:

1-15 October 3,000 V-Points
16-31 October 3,000 V-Points
1-15 November 3,000 V-Points
16-30 November 3,000 V-Points
1-15 December 3,000 V-Points
What is Notional Volume?

Notional volume, also known as a notional value, is often used in the context of valuing a derivative contract.
For the purpose of this promotion, we only calculate the notional volume on closed trades as per the formula below.

Notional Volume (closed trades) =
Trading Lot x Contract Size x EOD Product Exchange Rate x Close Price

You can also simply use our Notional Volume calculator here.

What are V-Points?

V-Points can be used to redeem vouchers that enhance your trading experience such as profit boosters, loss protection, and deposit rebates. Learn more about V-Points here.