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At Vantage, we are proud to hold ourselves to the highest standards of service and support. We connect and build long-lasting client relationships. We empower our client’s trading and guide you to achieve success.

We have interviewed Gina and her clients for you to understand how we deliver you an Experience Plus at Vantage Plus.

How do you empower your
client’s trading success?

I define myself as a person with a sports mindset and the key to success is persistence. I love to educate my clients to have a goal to achieve and I convey this through information and to have discipline in their investment. In fact, I want to highlight some very important points:

  • Always Use a Trading Plan
  • Treat Trading Like a Business
  • Use Technology
  • Protect Your Trading Capital
  • Study the Markets
  • Risk Only What You Can Afford
  • Develop a Trading Methodology
  • Control Your Emotions

I’ve added the last point above which in my opinion is the most important thing to control their emotions, emotions cause actions. Because emotions can distract us from doing what needs to be done.

How do your clients describe you as their Premium Client Manager?


Premium Client

Gina is always very willing to help. Funny, compassionate, and constantly paying the highest attention to the smallest detail. She doesn't hesitate to work overtime to make her clients happy. I would hire her as my premium manager immediately.


Premium Client

I am grateful for the work Gina has done so far. She has answered and handled all my requests so far in a speedy manner and to my complete satisfaction and has always been courteous and helpful. I can recommend Gina as Premium Client Manager.


Premium Client

After various experiences with various brokers, clearly negative, below I can finally express with exalted satisfaction and favourable opinion about your company, appreciation solely due to and exclusively due to the preparation as well as ‘strong professionalism’ of Dr Lauri, who with immense commitment, guides me with remarkable help and professional training in the field, finally it is expressed with utmost excellence for the above described that Dr Lauri with the wish that she can permanently stay as my manager.

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